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Any building can be characterized by its image and condition and by its elevator, as it is an important factor for its ergonomics as a transport system.

In order to provide a level of service capable of meeting the needs and desires of each client, we utilize modern technology related to service and in-house mobility. With our many years of experience and the selection of the appropriate logistics infrastructure, we offer comprehensive services related to the initial design of any horizontal or vertical transport system, installation and subsequent necessary technical support.

Completion of the projects, as well as any service we offer, is in accordance with European legislation, with Directive 95/16 / EC on Lifts, with the implementation of the Greek Legislative Gazette 26604/2008 (ELOT standards 81-1 and 81-2 ), as well as new forthcoming legislation on the periodic inspection of lifts and the upgrading of old facilities (standard EN 80.80) and lifts for people with disabilities (standard 81.70).


Recognizing the uniqueness of each project, we identify the different needs and desires of each client and propose appropriate solutions for each new installation. We install all types of lifts (hydraulic, electromechanical, panoramic) and type (atoms, loads), as well as systems for the disabled, etc., maintaining a technical file for each project we undertake from start to finish.

Highlights during the installation of a new lift are the proper installation of components, with the necessary supervision by our crews, as well as the full exploitation of the dimensions of the shaft, the payload, the energy savings with the selection of similar materials, the aesthetics of the cabin and finally the possible use by people with disabilities.

Upon completion of the installation work, an audit and technical inspection shall be carried out to confirm and certify the proper functioning and application of the legislation in force.

Renovation - Modernization 

Elevator repair is required when major malfunctions occur during operation.

Elevator refurbishment or modernization is needed to upgrade technical specifications in conjunction with aesthetic refurbishment.

Following our standard EN 81.80, which requires the cooperation of a reliable elevator control body, our company understands the need to upgrade systems with the aim of adopting new systems of safety, energy saving and passenger protection (eg unlocking system, automatic cabin hunting bus, intercom system, etc.).

Depending on your needs, we adapt the modernization work, either by performing mandatory work with the body's overall compliance audit report and remediation of deficiencies referred to, for safety and harmonization with existing laws / regulations, or with optional work emphasizing quality movement and aesthetics, such as replacement of lift drive gear, replacement of pulley or friction drive, etc.

Finally, selected tasks such as cabin renovation, replacement of investment, handrail or flooring are carried out at the customer's request.

Maintenance - Technical Support

We ensure your safe movement from the initial operation of the lift to the time of its refurbishment, with a thorough inspection. Maintenance of lifts is mandatory by law, in order to maintain proper and safe operation. Using the lift as a means of transport makes us responsible for ensuring functionality.

This is why specialized maintenance workshops periodically monitor the critical points of the lift to avoid acceleration and damage elimination, prolonging its long trouble-free operation.

All lifts we maintain are provided 24 hours a day for technical support - troubleshooting or any malfunctions.

As part of our ongoing pursuit of improving our services, we keep track of historical damage and repair records for each supported machine.

Insurance is also provided at the highest level against civil liability in a co-operating insurance company.